The River at Tampa Bay Church – Rodney Howard Browne

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I am so exited what God is doing here….at the River at Tampa Bay Church! Right now the Gospel is not just preached only on the streets, but the salvation message is carry on through the television to millions  homes all around the world. Thank you Lord! I feel that something important is happening here …the rain from heaven is coming down every night! I see people coming and experienced the reality of God’s presence. Is seems like many of them even don’t know what is the sweet presence of God, what is the anointing,  but they are hungry of the real things of God.  They are thirsty of real God touching his people. And I see this…I see that reality of an incredible God’s anointing fooling down on those who coming worshipping God in the truth and the spirit. This anointing is breaking the yoke of bondage, so people got healed, delivered, saved! I am so thankful to God that he brought me here and I can be a part of GAT. I can say also about some highlighting things the Lord is doing in my heart. He wants me to cry out for my country, for my nation to be saved, for the Gospel of Jesus Christ to be spread. To be honest, I just came from Poland with a kind of discouragement  what is going on in churches  there  and how religion rules strongly in whole country. Now  I will pray, I will cry out  for Poland believing for the great things God will do it now through the GAT  for my nation and in all of the world. -Jolanta P.

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