The kingdom of God, is amazing – Rodney Howard Browne

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This has been truly an amazing week! It’s like the fire that was in me has been re-ignited and is set in flames that will never go out! Just from being a part of such a great ministry and being honored to help see the vision come to pass – to bring souls into the kingdom of God, is amazing!!! The testimonies coming in from the students, members, staff, visitors have been incredible. Persons are coming in from out of town after watching on CTN and are joining us for Soulwinning and the services. I went out with 2 ladies from another church yesterday who were watching us from Dundi, FL and they each won souls to the Lord for the first time ever, and said they would be coming back with more people. Pastors are calling in non-stop to get Soulwinning scripts and packets ordered for their churches and are requesting preachers and teachers to come and visit and train their churches. America is finally getting a hold of this thing and is ready to make Soulwinning their passion! Believers are finally ignited to go and gather the harvest of souls and fulfill the Great Commission! When people call in on the phones, they are asking for the fire of God. They are asking for the baptism of the Holy Spirit. They are asking for healing, financial provision, salvation for loved ones, relationships to be restored, and deliverance from addictions and fear……the list goes on. And the wonderful thing is that they are receiving these things! Persons are getting saved, healed, delivered, set free and filled with the Holy Ghost and receiving the fire of God over the phone. The anointing and the presence of God crosses the phone line and touches persons in their homes. They are crying, laughing, screaming, and shouting over the joy and peace of receiving the touch of God. Thank you for this opportunity, and I am excited about how fast this thing is moving. Eyes have truly not seen, nor ears have heard the great things God has in store for this Great Awakening around the world!!!- Karen C.

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