Sudden Death by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne shows us a landscape

Rodney Howard Browne asks us, if you had some hours to live, and if you weren’t a follower in Jesus Christ, where would you look to find comfort or hope? Each day, many of us face death, but unfortunately, lots of them don’t know Jesus as Lord. However, some people, in a last act of religious acuity, accept Christ on their deathbed.

You can disagree, but they cannot truly be Christians then, can they? Rodney Howard Browne explains that they sinned their complete lives and accepted Jesus just because they were frightened of dying. They do not get the same reward that I am going to get, do they? Well, think about the repentant burglar on the cross next to Jesus. Scripture is clear this was a vicious, violent, guilty criminal. There is not even a pointer that he was wrongfully charged.

He was attempted, convicted, and handed death by the most evil means possible. Certainly, he wasn’t an individual we’d consider a good guy. But as he hung on his cross, something stirred inside him. The Spirit started to work in his heart, and in the moments before his demise, he was for the first time made alive in his spirit. He accepted Jesus, and Jesus accepted him.

You see, Rodney Howard Browne says, the great deliverance that is ours in Christ is one hundred percent reliant on what Jesus did for us. This implies that there’s nothing you or I could ever do to warrant it. When we realize that His love is open to all folk, even to those we despise the most, we will really give Him all of the glory for the great things he’s done.

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