Rodney Howard Browne – Xan-Jevan H. Testimony

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Revival is happening now among God’s people. You can either choose to recognize it or ignore it, but God will not be ignored. Never. It is coming to the time when the true worshippers will worship in spirit and in truth. God is looking for the ones who’s hearts are with Him. Not the ones who honor Him with their lips but their heart is so far from God. Revival starts in the heart, America needs to check its heart.  We need a great awakening in America and it is now happening.

God is radically shaking the foundations of this earth by mobilizing His people to effectively preach the Gospel around the world. We are so blessed to be in this day and age with Technology at our finger tips. The many different ways we can present the gospel is very versatile but the message stays the same. The message is the Love of Jesus, We as Christians must tell the world that HE lives and that HE loves them! And that Jesus is coming back for a pure bride.

Which is His church and they must have clean hands and a pure heart. There is so many testimonies that people effected by the Great Awakening Show on CTN that is continually expanding. I don’t think you can understand! This thing is going to grow! The Kingdom of God is so very near! We must go out and preach the gospel.  –Xan-Jevan H.


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