Rodney Howard Browne – Taisha M. Testimony

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Now at this time I was waiting and pressing in for a supernatural break through on my finances. I had gave   my 30 day notice to my landlord and a two week notice to my job. I had to move closer to the church because I lived 30 minutes away. Well I was blessed with a job and this job had what I had been praying for which was  more  pay and fulltime hours. I mean I called one day to inquire about the  job  and  was  told there was a position open and hired on the spot.  Now I have a few days before I have to move. My stuff is packed but I  had  no money to move and did not know where I was moving to. Well GOD spoke to me he said’’ alabaster ‘’.

So I thought I was going to have to sell my brand new flat screen television that was my alabaster. Then it was explained to me that I had to give it. That’s just what I did. Then after that it was like everything that I did not want to do GOD was having me do that week. So  I  kept pressing in and started giving ( which my giving started after the LORD had touched me) My eyes opened up to a whole different world. I kept reading Deuteronomy 28 everyday. Staying in prayer and knowing that GOD was going to provide. My mother got very worried and started asking me where are you going to go, Janezzia  ( my daughter ) has to start school and she kept on.


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