Rodney Howard Browne – Rose R. Testimony

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Before coming to RSW, I was getting complacent. Looking back now, I was actually in a downward spiral about to backslide. I felt empty.  I loved my church, the presence of God was there and I thought it was wonderful, but I needed more.

Since coming to RSW, I have been revived and energized.  God has done a great work on the inside of me. I don’t know what all is taking place but some of the things that I have noticed:

When I am out and about, I am winning more souls on a daily basis.

I have more boldness (and praying for even more), where I used to be hesitant to walk up to certain people, I walk up to them boldly and proclaim the Gospel.

I do not whisper the Gospel Soul Winning script but I project my voice loudly.

I’ve noticed that God has given me a servant’s heart, I enjoy serving  this ministry and am eager to do so (this is a biggie for me) .

I have stopped complaining.

I have more patience.

I find myself praying in tongues more throughout the day.

Deeper level of praise and worship.

My voice singing voice is improving (before even taking a single vocal lab class).

I am excited about what is about to happen in the school year and I look forward to not being able to recognize myself by May….Rose R.


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