Rodney Howard Browne – Needra H. Testimony

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Before the Great Awakening Tour began, I knew something great was bound to happen; not only in my life, but in the lives of others. I have to admit however, , there was a slight limit on my being able to fully comprehend the magnitude that this was going to have on the nation, moreover the world! I had the opportunity to participate in receiving prayer calls this week and that is when it hit me- lives are being changed beyond our biggest imagination. I had the opportunity to pray with Pastors who were getting ready to give up on ministry, a lady who had bad memories of being molested, to those who wanted  the fire of God so that they could go out and win souls! One of the greatest stories that touched me was a man who was flipping the channel; I believe he was calling from South Carolina.

He was home drunk and he came across the program. He said he could not turn the channel and did not know why. “Oswaldo” said he wanted to come back to God, be free from alcohol addiction. In addition, he wanted to be a Pastor all of his life, but felt like God was not pleased with him. I prayed with him, broke the spirit of alcoholism off of his life; he got saved filled with the Holy Ghost and is going to start telling others about what is taking place  here in Tampa, Fl! Being in the call center has given me the opportunity to really catch the vision of what is taking place and realizing that my world is so small. That the lives that are being changed and set ablaze for God goes beyond not only these four walls, but it is beyond Tampa, Fl! This nation, this world is being changed! This indeed is a GREAT AWAKENING! –Needra H.

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