Rodney Howard Browne – Miguel D. Testimony

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In the last couple of days, revival has changed my mentality. It also has showed me how God wants to reach His people. I have seen that it is not only about talking, but it’s about exercising the faith. I think revival has changed the way I see things because this is the only way that people are only going to see the true power of God working in their lives. It is impossible to have revival without changes. Revival impacts people’s lives in such a great way, that people won’t be the same way after they are presented into the power of the Holy Spirit. Now, I am about to see people in a whole new different level. I am able to see them how God sees them.

I am able to want things that God wants for His people. It has taught me that it is not about me, but it’s about what Jesus wants. It’s about the need that people have on this Earth. It is about fulfilling the call that God has on my life. I think that it doesn’t matter what kind of gift you have, or what is your specific title in ministry; ultimately, the call of a true born-again Christian, filled with the Holy Spirit is to go and preach the Gospel and to get people to know the real God through the power and the signs of the Holy Spirit. People are in a great need all over the world and the way I see it is, that God has me on this Earth with the only purpose of letting people know that there is hope, there is a God that loves them, there is a whole new life that they can live in.

There is freedom and peace in Jesus Christ. I have become more sensitive to the Holy Spirit and the things that the Holy Spirit has been talking to me and I know that if I listen and obey, God could do great things with my life, like with anyone else that decides to believe in Jesus and receive His Holy Spirit. I have a more clearer picture of what it is to live a Christ-like life. It is not a title, it’s not a denomination, but it is a lifestyle guided by the Holy Spirit at all times, and also a lifestyle of crucifying my flesh every single day.

I realize now that everything I do now, every second I spend on Earth impacts eternity. More importantly, it will impact the eternity of the people around me. As a believer, we have a big responsibility. It is time for us to step up to the plate and fulfill the call that God has for our lives. Just like the apostle Paul says, “for to live is in Christ but to die is in gain.”- Miguel D.

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