Rodney Howard Browne – Melody F. Testimony

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As I began to look around at the many people laughing and crying, I had a real talk with God. I said “Jesus, if all of this isn’t a bunch of nonsense, and you are really here… the Pastor will call on me right now!” Within seconds Pastor Rodney looks at me, points, and says “You! Come Here! I  remember him praying deliverance and freedom over my life. After I was able to stop crying, it was as if I felt this amazing peace completely consume me from the inside out. And at the same time I felt such a joy because I , knew that God had heard me.  To make a long story short, I headed back to Texas and within two weeks it was as if every chain that had kept me bound had broken lose and I no longer had any reason whatsoever to continue in the place I was.  That is when I began to search for God to consume me with his love, and began to cling to him with my everything.

I have always known about the River Bible School because my family and I once stayed there in our mobile home and did some ministering and singing within the church. But any time that the school would come to subject I would always say, “Yeah, I don’t feel called to go there”, but as time continued  I would feel more and more hungry for something tangible, real, and different. In so many ways I knew that I had been set apart, and therefore I was never satisfied with the mediocrity that I felt surrounded by. At the beginning of this summer I said “God if it is your will for me to go to Tampa then I pray you would have someone confirm this to me” I planned not to say one word about it to anyone and just put the idea in the back of my mind.

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