Rodney Howard Browne – Mary Testimony

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The best way to describe how effective the Word had been in my heart and life is to talk about The River at Tampa Bay Church and The River Bible Institute.  You might say they are Gods farmers.

It all started when I became an on-line member at The River church.  I had been a Christian for 25 years, but I had very little fruit.  My life was about me.  About how I could be a nice person and have a good life.  But, when I started sitting under the ministry at The River, the Holy Spirit finally had me in a place where He could plow up the soil of my heat.  As He plowed up my heart, He did not leave the ground fallow.  He planted His seeds.  They were seeds of revival, love, holiness, purity, and consecration.

The way He plowed up the hard ground of my heart was with His fire.  This fire is a glorious encounter with His presence where there is fullness of joy and pleasures forever more.  When it got into my heart it exposed the bad stuff and then I have to agree to let Him burn it out of me.  Then He brought the Word and dropped it into my heart.  It was like getting the most delicious fresh bread you could ever imagine and the sweetest water to quench my thirst.  As I received His Word it began to bear fruit in my life.  I became a radical soul winner and a radical giver.  He changed my desires and translated me out of the world system into His glorious Kingdom.  He gave me a mandate to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  I could never have imagined that life could be this wonderful.  Thank you Jesus!!!


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