Rodney Howard Browne – Julie Testimony

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The Word has proven true in my life over and over. All through my life I have had to stand on faith for different things. But this time I have been in school, I have truly been tested on my faith financially and emotionally. I gave up a wonderful job, and left many people to be here. It hasn’t always been easy, but God has always taken care of me. No matter how hopeless it may look, God is an on time God and he will never forsake us. Almost every month it has looked as though I would not have enough money for rent, car payment, gas, food, and more; however God has come through each time. Also, I have had to leave a lot behind in my personal life. It has not been easy, but God is good and I am in a time of healing and consecration. He has broken me free of things I felt I had no way of letting go. It feels so amazing to be walking in freedom and in his will. I stepped out on complete faith to come here, and though it was scary, it is allowing me to exercise my faith. All I can say is God is amazing and I have already grown leaps and bounds this year. I know there are many other things God is going to start revealing to me and showing me. I am excited to see what all is going to happen, not just this year, but in my life and calling God has for me.


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