Rodney Howard Browne – Joshua H. Testimony

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Awesome! Going in the street of London today believing God for a great harvest! Location: Ontario, Canada I just want to encourage people with something. I am an officer in the Army. When we operate, we always use guides that work a lot like the Gospel Script. It is not a crutch, it is not weakness. We use ‘cheat sheets’ because they work. When I use them at work, it makes getting things right easy. Winning souls is more life and death than war. Just wanted to encourage people that the Gospel is not being watered down. Thanks and bless you guys for being obedient. Use what works.

I haven’t missed a night wish I could be there but can’t get off work. I even have some of it recorded. It has been awesome I downloaded and printed out the soul winning packet. I need u to pray that the people around here will get up to get busy to win souls. This is an area where the churches don’t believe in getting out. And that’s what i love to do I had rather win a soul to Christ than eat or breathe it’s the heart beat of God and he lives in me so it’s my heart beat to I desperately want to see revival in this area.

So please pray for a fire to ignite here. Thank you and God bless, From Bread of Hope Outreach Ministries Chaplain John Butler Chaplain (General) John Butler

When I first got saved about six months went by and I was winning souls and on fire for God witnessing everyday and I got sat down on the front pew of the church and asked this question. “What world are you from? you are not like us? I said, who do you want me to be? They said, John. I said, he died on the kitchen floor when he gave his heart to Jesus.

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