Rodney Howard Browne – John H. Testimony

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The greatest thing that has been highlighted in my mind is the vision for this ministry to see a Great Awakening throughout this land. As I walk throughout the day, my thoughts are consumed with the idea of seeing men, women, and children touched by the fire of God. I once heard Pastor Rodney say, “vision is not taught, it is caught”.  As I have been sitting in these services, I have been catching the vision for nations, for cities, for towns and families! When I was in the store one day, it dawned on me that I must win souls everywhere that I go. I do not necessarily have to feel a “strong pulling” to lead a specific person to Christ, but that I can just go on the strength of the Word.

Jesus said “go into all the world and Preach the Gospel”. As that dawned on me, I witnessed to this guy who was hoping that one day he would spend  eternity with the Lord and through my witness and using the Gospel soul winning script, I was able to make this a reality by using this wonderful too. This has been a Holy Ghost filled time, burdens are being lifted, peace has been restored, and my life is being changed. I have discovered that as long as I stay in the fire of the Holy Spirit I will continue to develop into the image of Christ and walk in His ways.-John H.

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