Donna Testimony

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I believe this can be seen in my own life, the seed by the way side is like when I was young.

I first heard the word but did not understand it so it really did not do anything in my life, because it really did not mean anything . Then, as I got older it became like the seed on the stony ground,

I heard the word more and understood it more but as soon as I was out of church it was not long before it was gone from my heart and mind. Slowly as I heard and learned more I was able to try harder to follow Gods word and Gods will in my life, but like the seed that fell in the thorny ground, life quickly got in the way, Husband, kids, job, bills got in the way and Gods word and will would get put on the back burner and I would say when things get slower and better I will spend more time on what God wants me to do.

Then, thank God, I finally heard about the HOLY SPIRIT, and started learning how to pray and let the HOLY SPIRIT prepare my heart and turn it in to good ground to hear and receive the word of God that’s when I started to understand just what God had done for me and what he wanted me to do for him. Now not only can I live for God, I can tell others about him and see them come to know God.


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