The Attacks of the Devil by Rodney Howard Browne

Rodney Howard Browne explains that the arsenal God has given makes it possible for us to stand up to the attacks of Devil and to break any strongholds he has established in our minds. One of the strongest weapons is prayer. It needn’t be eloquent ; it could be a simple, truthful prayer like this : “God, here’s a weakness in my life which has a stranglehold over me. I have permitted Devil to toy with my mind. He has me in bondage and, God, I am helpless to change it. I am crying out to You in earnest repentance.

I regret the agony and hurt that I have caused others. I lament the hours I have wasted living alongside this. I surrender myself to You. Set me free from this stronghold, Lord. By the power of Your Spirit, please set me free.” God will not refuse this sort of prayer ; he is going to provide deliverance. It is thru our sincere prayers that we draw on the power of God to fight the Demon’s lies and to decline to enticements. However, Rodney Howard Browne explains that the incontrovertible fact that we pray does not mean that Satan will let up on us. No, he’s going to keep firing his flaming arrows against our weaknesses.

We extinguish every one the same way. In prayer, Rodney Howard Browne teaches that we cry out to our sovereign God for forgiveness and draw on His power, which enables us to stand firm on the truth of Scripture. For many of us, deliverance is immediate ; for others, it is gentle. Either way, we will achieve liberty. If we hold to the truth, Jesus guaranteed we might be free.