Rodney Howard Browne – Rose R. Testimony

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Before coming to RSW, I was getting complacent. Looking back now, I was actually in a downward spiral about to backslide. I felt empty.  I loved my church, the presence of God was there and I thought it was wonderful, but I needed more.

Since coming to RSW, I have been revived and energized.  God has done a great work on the inside of me. I don’t know what all is taking place but some of the things that I have noticed:

When I am out and about, I am winning more souls on a daily basis.

I have more boldness (and praying for even more), where I used to be hesitant to walk up to certain people, I walk up to them boldly and proclaim the Gospel.

I do not whisper the Gospel Soul Winning script but I project my voice loudly.

I’ve noticed that God has given me a servant’s heart, I enjoy serving  this ministry and am eager to do so (this is a biggie for me) .

I have stopped complaining.

I have more patience.

I find myself praying in tongues more throughout the day.

Deeper level of praise and worship.

My voice singing voice is improving (before even taking a single vocal lab class).

I am excited about what is about to happen in the school year and I look forward to not being able to recognize myself by May….Rose R.


Rodney Howard Browne – Taisha M. Testimony

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Now at this time I was waiting and pressing in for a supernatural break through on my finances. I had gave   my 30 day notice to my landlord and a two week notice to my job. I had to move closer to the church because I lived 30 minutes away. Well I was blessed with a job and this job had what I had been praying for which was  more  pay and fulltime hours. I mean I called one day to inquire about the  job  and  was  told there was a position open and hired on the spot.  Now I have a few days before I have to move. My stuff is packed but I  had  no money to move and did not know where I was moving to. Well GOD spoke to me he said’’ alabaster ‘’.

So I thought I was going to have to sell my brand new flat screen television that was my alabaster. Then it was explained to me that I had to give it. That’s just what I did. Then after that it was like everything that I did not want to do GOD was having me do that week. So  I  kept pressing in and started giving ( which my giving started after the LORD had touched me) My eyes opened up to a whole different world. I kept reading Deuteronomy 28 everyday. Staying in prayer and knowing that GOD was going to provide. My mother got very worried and started asking me where are you going to go, Janezzia  ( my daughter ) has to start school and she kept on.


Rodney Howard Browne – Melody F. Testimony

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As I began to look around at the many people laughing and crying, I had a real talk with God. I said “Jesus, if all of this isn’t a bunch of nonsense, and you are really here… the Pastor will call on me right now!” Within seconds Pastor Rodney looks at me, points, and says “You! Come Here! I  remember him praying deliverance and freedom over my life. After I was able to stop crying, it was as if I felt this amazing peace completely consume me from the inside out. And at the same time I felt such a joy because I , knew that God had heard me.  To make a long story short, I headed back to Texas and within two weeks it was as if every chain that had kept me bound had broken lose and I no longer had any reason whatsoever to continue in the place I was.  That is when I began to search for God to consume me with his love, and began to cling to him with my everything.

I have always known about the River Bible School because my family and I once stayed there in our mobile home and did some ministering and singing within the church. But any time that the school would come to subject I would always say, “Yeah, I don’t feel called to go there”, but as time continued  I would feel more and more hungry for something tangible, real, and different. In so many ways I knew that I had been set apart, and therefore I was never satisfied with the mediocrity that I felt surrounded by. At the beginning of this summer I said “God if it is your will for me to go to Tampa then I pray you would have someone confirm this to me” I planned not to say one word about it to anyone and just put the idea in the back of my mind.

Rodney Howard Browne – Joey R. Testimony

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Well for me I was not here for the first week I was still in Texas not knowing if I was coming here with my sister. With my situation at home I decided it was best I come. My brother blessed me and my sister with his car because my truck would have probably not made it. It took us a while to find a place to live but God blessed us with a great place that is not far and is only ten minutes away. The week I was able to be here I was able to here you preach on giving and it really helped me in that area of my life. I realize that giving needs to be a daily thing whether it be items I’m attached or just love to other people.

I never seen anything like that on Thursday where people started giving anything and everything that they had to break walls in their life and it really helped me see that money is only a temporary thing in life and it comes and goes and so many people depend on it but if they put their trust in the Lord and give like he tells us he will provide for all our needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus. My sister has told me great things about this school and from being here a week I already love it and can’t wait to see what God is going to do in my life. The atmosphere here is great every time i walk in the door, from the people that greet you to the people that say hello to you that I’ve never met. I am very happy that I have mentors with a Christian world view and a Christian perspective on life……Joey R.