Rodney Howard Browne – Ben R. Testimony

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I only had an hour and 45 minutes to get my goal of 11 souls. I spoke to 10 people and got 10 prayers successfully. I felt it was time to go, not to mention I gave away all 10 DVDs. When I got to my car, I had 10 minutes left, so I decided to approach one last lady that sat by herself. She didn’t look really good, didn’t smell too good, but I think, “She is a child of the highest God.”  We went through everything and she said she felt light.  I told her that her burden of sin had been lifted.  She thanked me for the gift of life through Jesus. So I got my 11.

I was at a nursing home.  I went into this guy’s room and read the script.  I asked him the two questions and he didn’t answer. So I kept reading.  When I got to the part where I pray over him, he said, “No.  Leave me alone,” so I left.  I finished my hallway.  As I was walking back by he was in his wheelchair waiting for me.  He said, “Hey, come tell me what you were saying before,” and he got saved.

God is good.  I used the script and was able to lead 40 people through the prayer in the nursing home.  Some resisted but most were accepting Christ for the first time.  The real blessing is when whole families would come to Christ.  I was even able to have people that didn’t know English to the Lord. Thank you God for all of your help.