Winter Camp Meeting | George McCann Testimony

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This years Winter Camp Meeting for me was an opportunity to be stretched in directions I could not have imagined before hand. I was assigned to security at the Children’s Church for the two days I was able to attend, due to my work schedule.

Although, my time at the Children’s Church, let me see how the kids were touched by the hand of God through the preaching of 3rd year student, Troy.

I had attended winter camp meetings over the past years, as a church member rather than a student of RBI and was particularly looking forward to this years meeting. Through the Helps Ministry, I was asked to volunteer to assist the security team. The Lord saw fit to have me serve in another capacity. As much as I would have liked to have heard the sermons of all the pastors, I would not have traded the time I got to spend with the children and the respect and admiration I gained for all the people who work with the children on a regular basis.

I understand , what I saw and was able to be a part of is something that goes on every Sunday, and not out of the ordinary or exceptional for the duration of the camp meetings that were going on. This only adds to my respect, because kids can be difficult at times and emotionally demanding. But the teachings, which included games, stories, preaching, and the importance of tithing all went on without interruption.

I came to understand that the success of this came from the personal style of the individual in charge and that no matter who was in charge, their approaches may have been different, but a similar format was being followed.

On one occasion, the kids were allowed to go outside and I had an opportunity to speak to the teacher. I had had only formal conversation with him in the past, but this time I was able to speak with him on a more personal level. I found out that we are both from the same part of New Jersey, and in fact, he at one time, was very close friends with my niece and nephew! He had spent quite a bit of time at my brother’s house visiting and hanging out. God is good and He works in funny ways at times. My short time speaking to this young man brought me much closer to someone else in this ministry and we now have a common goal: to get my brother and his entire family saved! Praise God!

Great Awakening Tour City #3 Fort Walton Beach, Florida | Tim W Testimony

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Fishers of Men while Swimming in the Ocean From Tim, Fort Walton Beach, FL Who says that evangelism can’t be fun! On my lunch break I went to the beach to snorkel and swim a little. As I was about a quarter of a mile out and in 30 to 40 foot deep water and a woman started swimming out towards me all alone. I wasn’t too sure what to do but the Lord spoke to me to share Jesus with her. As I approached her I told her that the water was very deep and to be careful. She said that what she was really worried about was the sharks. I told her that there are sharks out here but the chances of being bit are pretty slim. But then I told her that I had a quick but important question to ask her, if you were to die at this very second are you sure beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would go to heaven. She quickly said no but was quite eager to find out how to be saved. I shared with her the Gospel Soul Winning Script and she prayed the prayer of salvation. She told me that she knew that God sent me to swim over to her and to lead her to Jesus. She explained that she recently had gone through a divorce and had a desire to start her life all over again but was not sure how to do this. As we were swimming back I prayed for her again and encouraged her to find fellowship in a bible believing church when she returned to back to Alabama. Praise God you never know where you might be when you experience an encounter, not a shark encounter but a soul-winning encounter! God has a great sense of humor and He is so cool!

Tim W
Fort Walton Beach Florida United States

Being Told That All Heaven Will Break Loose Wherever I Go | Julie S Testimony

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I layed hands on the sick, today, and that person recovered! Here’s the story: I was at the beauty salon getting my hair done. And I thought to myself, ‘Am I going to do anything good for God, today?’ Just then, there came this strange noise from the back room like someone was getting violently ill. After about 10 minutes or so, this lady came walking out and you could tell she was having a very hard time and she was wiping her face under her eyes. By this time I had been sitting under the hair dryer with highlights so, when I was done, I just walked up to her and quietly asked if she wanted me to pray for her. Of course she wanted me to. So I layed hands on her and commanded the nausea and every sickness and disease to leave her body in the name of Jesus. She was very grateful and said she believes strongly. So I had my hair rinsed out and, while I was waiting with treatment in my hair, she came over to me all smiling and everything and felt like dancing! It was a far cry from what she had felt like just minutes earlier. I told her that Jesus heals.

Julie S
Land O’Lakes Florida United States