Great Awakening Tour City #25 Gainesville, FL | David McL Testimony

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Lady was in a wheelchair in the hall way of the nursing home with a nurse. I stopped to read the gospel script to her. And she looked at me and yelled “I can’t hear”. And the nurse said “she can’t hear you” I bent over in her ear and I yelled, “Jesus” in her ear -one time and she said “Jesus”. The nurse looked in shock. I backed off from her and said “Can you hear me now?” She said,”yes”. I read the script, she repeated the prayer at the me and received Christ in her life. Later I saw her in the cafeteria and walked by her and said”hi Eva” She said”hi”. Her hearing was restored. Today I went to the Ft. Pierce. Jetty for an 2 hours we walked around talking with some said no. These 2 older woman I talked to they said the sinners prayer. They looked real happy afterwards. I was pretty excited and nervous also but it was really cool.

David McL
Unknown Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City # 24 Cocoa, Florida | Pastor Laura P Testimony

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I witness to people at the superwalmart in Titusville. I got at least 7 people to make a commitment to Christ. The one that touch me the most was Mr. George. He told me he didn’t know how to read and that he was uneducated. He said people talk about him most of his life because of his condition but he still accepted God into his heart. He also talk about how he didn’t like people that has a lot of money and mistreat other that has less money. He said he had been to churches in the past and he have seen church members go to church and then heard about them been in the club and he didn’t like that. He said he doesn’t like people playing with God. Last 2 days I had a lot of warefare getting over to Cocoa Expo, headache, chest pain, felt like my mouth (tongue) had sores on the bottom and the Lord helped me to push through what I felt like to witness and 2 ladies at the nursing home today were a delight to witness to with our script we used. All the souls saved were worth any discomfort I had. Praise the Lord!

Pastor Laura P
Cocoa Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #25 Gainesville, FL | Danielle R Testimony

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The power is in the script! I witnessed the soulwinner Spirit came upon one woman I prayed with. She couldn’t get her eyes off of the script card. After a tearful salvation, she asked if she could have the script card I used, even though she had already, the small version (in the dvd). As she did that her friend whom had been in the store, entered her vehicle on the passenger side. I told her she could have my script card if she would use it to save her friend. Bam! Instant soulwinner! She did it. The power is in the script. He is the Holy Spirit! And He is in those pre-ordained words. I was in a nursing home and walked into a room by myself with 1 woman in it, and she basically told me she needed to use the restroom, so I went and told someone that worked there about it (now there was two more people in that room)and I told I guess all 3 of them what they had to do so that woman could use the restroom(I yielded to fear and left after talking to them a bit) and later my team leader led both of them to the Lord in a different room while I was with him, then later I came back to that room alone and both people were there again, so I started talking with them, and the man told me the woman can’t respond like them, but I started to talk to her and she talked and got saved and they seemed to have no problem at all me praying with her and when I looked up the man had his head bowed, like he might have been praying it again. (And I didn’t stay in enough time for them to talk to me about her talking)

Danielle R
Florida United States

Great Awakening Tour City #23 Port St. Lucie, Florida | Anita P Testimony

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We were here Tue. night at the svc, we got the script and had read and studied it but wanted the training on Thurs. morning so we were picking up cans for Gas money. A woman at the recycle place had a leg infirmity. I was so fired up w/ anticipation I aproached her w/no training just to pray for her leg. Afterwards I asked her about her salvation, she said she had hope, I said you can be sure- she accepted Jesus in the can, recycle line. One lady in the nursing home, who was very alert, responded to the whole gospel script with eargerness. No on ehave ever told her God loved her and had a plan for her life. When I got to the end where she repeated:”I’m forgiven and I’m on my way to Heaven bc I have Jesus in my heart”. She broke down and cried and I knew God had done a work in her heart. She thanked me three times before I left. Praise God!

Anita P
Florida United States