Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Brian C Testimony

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Several people at one of the rest homes told me they were Buddhist, but I continued with the script and they received Christ as their Savior. One lady named Tina was glowing. Also I prayed the prayer of salvation with a nurse. I went into one room in a NH and there was a lady laying in the bed. I tried to go through the gospel script with her but she didn’t speak English or Spanish. I was about ready to leave the room because I couldn’t communicate with her when 3 ladies entered the room to visit her. I asked them if they spoke English and they did so I went through the gospel script with them and all three ladies prayed the prayer of salvation. Then 1 of the ladies translated the gospel script for me into Bulgarian and the lady in the bed prayed the prayer of salvation in Bulgarian. A guy in front of NH was deaf and mute. He read the script himself and nodded. Repeated prayer in sign language. On a bus Rev Jake and I read aloud the script and six people received the Lord.

Brian C
California United States

First 300 Words

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The foundational scripture for this class to me was Proverbs 4:20-21. In the first part of this scripture, we are directed to give attention to the Word of God. Without giving attention to the life giving Word, we will not know God, His will, or His ways. We are taught to study the Word to show ourselves approved unto God (2 Tim.2:15). As ministers of the Good News, it is our responsibility to know our heavenly Father through His Word in order to clearly relay His love, goodness, mercy, and grace to mankind.

As we move through Proverbs 4:20, we also read that we are to incline or listen to the Word of God. In Romans 10:17, we read that faith comes by hearing the Word of God. We must speak the Word of God to ourselves and listen to the preaching and teaching of it with an open, receptive heart in order to have it rooted firmly in our heart. This ultimately births the abundant life that Jesus spoke of in John10:10.
In the first part of verse 21, we are told to keep the Word of God before our eyes. This is teaching us to stay focused on what God has told us which is for our protection and good. In Jeremiah 29:11, we read that God has plans to prosper us. If we keep the Word of God before us and are obedient to it, God will prosper us as He has promised.

Keeping God’s Word in our heart (v.21b), helps us walk in God’s love every day. The true hallmark of a spiritually mature person is walking in love, first and foremost toward God and then toward man. If the Word of God reigns supreme in our heart, then we will be easily led by the Holy Spirit to do the Father’s will. Thanks to Rodney Howard Browne.

Great Awakening Tour City #46 Riverside, CA | Barbara A Testimony

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JP and I went to Skiel Row in downtown LA and we caught the high school getting out of session and one after another gave their lives to Jesus. Over 25 between us got saved out of the high school.
First of all I have done street ministry but in this case I hadn’t gone to a rest home. My sister in Christ go but I haven’t gone to the local rest home because 4 years ago my mother went home to the Lord at the rest home. Today when I went it was a breakthrough and the Lord gave me boldness. The first lady I went to and started talking to was older and couldn’t understand much. But when you mention Jesus, she would say that’s why I’m still here because He loves me. She said the prayer and I went on. I went to other room, 3 more accepted the Lord. A lot of them where in the hallways so I started talking to them. 1 man couldn’t see. When I told him Jesus loved him and he said I know many people told me that and pray. So I continue, then tears went down his eyes. At first he won’t say the salvation prayer, then he did. I then went out and said okay, I haven’t meet my goal Lord. I passed a room with many that just finished exercise. I spoke to the instructor. I then went up to one lady and she received the Lord.

Barbara A
California United States

New Life Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, FL | Melinda A Testimony

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I was raised in the Morman Church, but when I was 15 years old I realized this religion couldn’t give me what I was searching for in my heart. I did not go to any church until May of 2007. I am now 53 years old, have met Jesus and I have surrendered my life to serve him. I am on a path of education and healing of my soul. I was first touched through Dr. Rodney’s ministry in January of 2008, I don’t remember what tour it was but I felt an immediate connection with his ministry. Currently, I have been watching the Summer-camp meeting on GOD TV and every time I watch the connection to Jesus gets stronger. I called the phone number on the screen and talked to Steve, he prayed with me and my fiance. I believe that Jesus is preparing me to be part of his army for the saving of souls. Today I felt the spirit come over me and I wept uncontrolably and felt Jesus was cleansing my heart, thank you Jesus! Praise Jesus! I am praying that I will be able to attend the meeting in Pheonix, AZ in October. I am also praying if it is GOD’s will that I attend the River Bible Institute very soon. Thank you, and God bless you all!

Melinda A
Ocean Park Washington United States

New Life Christian Fellowship, Jacksonville, FL

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My sister, Aron began losing her balance in November of 2007. Then she started getting double vision. She started going to more and more doctors. -She would come in from work and go straight to bed. She was extremely tired all the time. Once she fell asleep while driving to work and had an accident. Her doctor told her to take a month off work for extensive testing. She had cat scans, MRI’s and blood work. The blood work showed a high white blood count. Her short term memory was affected and once she forgot she was talking to me on the phone. She started going downhill fast. She lost control of her bladder and bowels before going into the hospital June 18. The doctors could not find any reason for her symptoms from the tests. I began e-mailing prayer requests the first of June to family, friends and to The River. She began to get better. After 13 days in Univ. Comm. Hospital, she was sent to Shands Hospital in Gainesville, FL. On June 12, I laid hands on her and prayed. I continued doing this every time I saw her until July 6. Shands was going to do a brain biopsy on July 9, but decided not to. She came home on July 9. They never found any reason for her symptoms. She was just getting better. Her sight is better, her memory is much better and she has control of her body functions again. She has an appointment with a Neurologist July 25, to see how she is doing after going home. I have trusted God through this whole ordeal and have never been afraid. My faith was strong. I knew that God was the healer and I just praised Him every day for her return to good health. I felt comforted knowing that so many people were joining me in praying. I am expecting a good report from the Neurologist later this month. Thank you for praying for my sister.

Karen P
Valrico Florida United States