Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne, with Revival Ministries International, are looking forward to Celebrate America just as they did in the summer of 1999 when, for six weeks consecutively, they rented Madison Square Garden, the world’s most famous arena, for Good News New York!

Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne are inviting local churches, the community, and members of government, in which many of them will be sharing their faith, and all nationalities to be a part of Celebrate America. We are celebrating America as she turns 238 years old. During Celebrate America, we will commemorate the Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers who acknowledged “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” We will remember The Great Spiritual Awakenings of this land, the impact of which they made, and The Great Awakening that is soon to come. Celebrate America.

Dear Friends,

Drs. Rodney and Adonica Howard-Browne invite you to join them for Celebrate America this July in Washington D.C. at the Daughters of the American Revolution (DAR) Constitution Hall. Just as we looked forward to Good News New York in the summer of 1999 at Madison Square Garden, we are looking forward to this event.

Local churches, the community, members of government (many of whom will be sharing their faith), all Americans, and anyone, from any nation, who loves America, are invited to be a part of Celebrate America. We are celebrating America as she turns 238 years old. During these 14 days of Celebrate America, we will commemorate the United States Declaration of Independence and what the Constitution of the United States has meant to this land. We will celebrate the heritage of America and our Founding Fathers who acknowledged “firm reliance on the protection of divine Providence.” We will remember the Great Spiritual Awakenings of this land, the impact they made, and The Great Awakening that is soon to come.

Pastors, leaders, church groups, youth groups, and all believers, all around America, we ask you to begin praying for America, her leaders, and for Celebrate America. And we also encourage you to make plans to join us and to be a part of this very timely event.

The evening meetings are at 7 PM; admission is free. In the mornings, Power Evangelism will take place at 10 AM. Call, email, Facebook, and Tweet your friends and family to attend and to get involved; volunteers are needed. Sign up today.

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Taisha Testimony

This has been a very stretching two months.  Being a single mom in preparation for ministry is not easy and definitely pushes you to step out on God’s promises and increase your faith.  The Lord spoke to me and said ‘you are exactly where you need to be’.  So I have anchored myself around that word and stepping out to believe God for bigger things.  For the last few months I have been asking God what talents and gifts has He placed inside me?  I didn’t realize that God was trying to equip me because I was so caught up in my circumstances.  So, I made the decision that I was going to delight myself in the Lord in all I do. I was going to grab this thing by the horns and learn everything God wanted me to learn.  As I did, I really found myself wanting to do those things I had not wanted t do before.  The Lord pulled stuff out of me I did not know was even there and showed me how He is developing skills in me to use to glorify Him!  It’s been amazing and perfect!  When I least expected it, I received a promotion.  I knew then that promotion truly comes from the Lord!

Edisandra Testimony

Since internship, I realize now that God is preparing me for something bigger then I can even imagine. To truly give 100% of my life to Jesus (including my time, and my deepest desires) as well as living my life as a living sacrifice on the altar is what it’s all about. I’ve been stretched in many areas but mostly in sacrificing my wants. This might sound so small but the Lord requires obedience, not sacrifice. To be totally yielded to the Holy Spirit requires being yielded to Him, even in your every day decisions. If I truly want to be used by God, and see nations shaken by the power of God – than I must know him!

Donna Testimony

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I believe this can be seen in my own life, the seed by the way side is like when I was young.

I first heard the word but did not understand it so it really did not do anything in my life, because it really did not mean anything . Then, as I got older it became like the seed on the stony ground,

I heard the word more and understood it more but as soon as I was out of church it was not long before it was gone from my heart and mind. Slowly as I heard and learned more I was able to try harder to follow Gods word and Gods will in my life, but like the seed that fell in the thorny ground, life quickly got in the way, Husband, kids, job, bills got in the way and Gods word and will would get put on the back burner and I would say when things get slower and better I will spend more time on what God wants me to do.

Then, thank God, I finally heard about the HOLY SPIRIT, and started learning how to pray and let the HOLY SPIRIT prepare my heart and turn it in to good ground to hear and receive the word of God that’s when I started to understand just what God had done for me and what he wanted me to do for him. Now not only can I live for God, I can tell others about him and see them come to know God.


Rodney Howard Browne – Mary Testimony

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The best way to describe how effective the Word had been in my heart and life is to talk about The River at Tampa Bay Church and The River Bible Institute.  You might say they are Gods farmers.

It all started when I became an on-line member at The River church.  I had been a Christian for 25 years, but I had very little fruit.  My life was about me.  About how I could be a nice person and have a good life.  But, when I started sitting under the ministry at The River, the Holy Spirit finally had me in a place where He could plow up the soil of my heat.  As He plowed up my heart, He did not leave the ground fallow.  He planted His seeds.  They were seeds of revival, love, holiness, purity, and consecration.

The way He plowed up the hard ground of my heart was with His fire.  This fire is a glorious encounter with His presence where there is fullness of joy and pleasures forever more.  When it got into my heart it exposed the bad stuff and then I have to agree to let Him burn it out of me.  Then He brought the Word and dropped it into my heart.  It was like getting the most delicious fresh bread you could ever imagine and the sweetest water to quench my thirst.  As I received His Word it began to bear fruit in my life.  I became a radical soul winner and a radical giver.  He changed my desires and translated me out of the world system into His glorious Kingdom.  He gave me a mandate to establish His Kingdom on earth as it is in heaven.  I could never have imagined that life could be this wonderful.  Thank you Jesus!!!


Rodney Howard Browne – Julie Testimony

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The Word has proven true in my life over and over. All through my life I have had to stand on faith for different things. But this time I have been in school, I have truly been tested on my faith financially and emotionally. I gave up a wonderful job, and left many people to be here. It hasn’t always been easy, but God has always taken care of me. No matter how hopeless it may look, God is an on time God and he will never forsake us. Almost every month it has looked as though I would not have enough money for rent, car payment, gas, food, and more; however God has come through each time. Also, I have had to leave a lot behind in my personal life. It has not been easy, but God is good and I am in a time of healing and consecration. He has broken me free of things I felt I had no way of letting go. It feels so amazing to be walking in freedom and in his will. I stepped out on complete faith to come here, and though it was scary, it is allowing me to exercise my faith. All I can say is God is amazing and I have already grown leaps and bounds this year. I know there are many other things God is going to start revealing to me and showing me. I am excited to see what all is going to happen, not just this year, but in my life and calling God has for me.


Rodney Howard Browne – Frances H. Testimony

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From the first service I have heard confirmed words that He spoke to me, while I was yet a far off, words like that by the end of summer I won’t recognize myself, and that all of these trials are just preparation for some future circumstance when I’ll need to look back and see the wondrous things He has done and gotten me through, and that I need to start asking for the big things of God and not begging for survival from the Creator of the universe.

The all-consuming fire of the Holy Spirit is burning away the fear and trepidation I have about speaking in front of people, about being seen by people, about being myself. As for my life-long battle with lack, He told me last Thursday that lack is no more in my life! I believe Him not only for my needs for right now, but for His big, big plans for me! In each case where my flesh rises up and I continue in obedience in spite of it, like my first time soul winning or working on the phones, He blesses me abundantly right after in my spirit. There are layers and layers of freedom being unwrapped as I continue to cry out to Him.

Even in the pain of crucifying my flesh daily there is new oil, new wine, new joy of the Lord to sustain me! I have no where to run away to. There is nothing else. I told Him the first week of revival that if He didn’t give me boldness, if He didn’t BURN inside of me, then I might as well die. It sounds dramatic, but I don’t want anything else, and if I don’t really get this right now, I’m finished.

Rodney Howard Browne – I’m so marked by this school, even just so far as this is the beginning, that I will never be able to settle for mediocre or complacent again, in Jesus name…..Frances H.

Rodney Howard Browne – Rose R. Testimony

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Before coming to RSW, I was getting complacent. Looking back now, I was actually in a downward spiral about to backslide. I felt empty.  I loved my church, the presence of God was there and I thought it was wonderful, but I needed more.

Since coming to RSW, I have been revived and energized.  God has done a great work on the inside of me. I don’t know what all is taking place but some of the things that I have noticed:

When I am out and about, I am winning more souls on a daily basis.

I have more boldness (and praying for even more), where I used to be hesitant to walk up to certain people, I walk up to them boldly and proclaim the Gospel.

I do not whisper the Gospel Soul Winning script but I project my voice loudly.

I’ve noticed that God has given me a servant’s heart, I enjoy serving  this ministry and am eager to do so (this is a biggie for me) .

I have stopped complaining.

I have more patience.

I find myself praying in tongues more throughout the day.

Deeper level of praise and worship.

My voice singing voice is improving (before even taking a single vocal lab class).

I am excited about what is about to happen in the school year and I look forward to not being able to recognize myself by May….Rose R.


Rodney Howard Browne – Taisha M. Testimony

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Now at this time I was waiting and pressing in for a supernatural break through on my finances. I had gave   my 30 day notice to my landlord and a two week notice to my job. I had to move closer to the church because I lived 30 minutes away. Well I was blessed with a job and this job had what I had been praying for which was  more  pay and fulltime hours. I mean I called one day to inquire about the  job  and  was  told there was a position open and hired on the spot.  Now I have a few days before I have to move. My stuff is packed but I  had  no money to move and did not know where I was moving to. Well GOD spoke to me he said’’ alabaster ‘’.

So I thought I was going to have to sell my brand new flat screen television that was my alabaster. Then it was explained to me that I had to give it. That’s just what I did. Then after that it was like everything that I did not want to do GOD was having me do that week. So  I  kept pressing in and started giving ( which my giving started after the LORD had touched me) My eyes opened up to a whole different world. I kept reading Deuteronomy 28 everyday. Staying in prayer and knowing that GOD was going to provide. My mother got very worried and started asking me where are you going to go, Janezzia  ( my daughter ) has to start school and she kept on.